Michelle from New Zealand     

When I look at what is going on in my life its interesting. I get these tools as I work from week to week to make changes in my life for the things that are important to me. One of the interesting things was finding out what is really important to me.

Todd from the UK   

A whole new approach to dealing with low mood and depression

Mary from the USA

 After 20 years we still keep in touch as friends, the stuff that Brian does really works

Brian from New Zealand

After 15 years of low mood and serious depression, this journey took a while but the results at the end could be called amazing

Michael from Australia

Just doing the first part is getting some awareness in one’s life then when one does the work it’s not easy but terribly rewarding’’

5 Reasons Why Most Life and Business Coaches Fail                                                                                                  Lifespan Trust  will give you your money back (up to 2 months) if we do any of these

1.You don’t LIVE IT. Time and time again, I hear “I love that you’re actually LIVING what you teach.” I mean, why on Earth would you coach someone on something you don’t, or wouldn’t do, yourself. People can smell bull dung from a mile away. If you want to be the best business or life coach in the industry, you need to do more than just learn and give your knowledge.

2.One Approach. We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s like beating a dead horse”. If you’re not getting through to your coaching clients, it’s not them, it’s YOU. When you have only one approach your level of influence will suffer tremendously and neither you, nor your clients, will see results. Having only one approach is like driving down a dead-end road, it’s unlikely you’ll ever reach your destination (read: desired outcome). Just because one approach or strategy worked for you before, it does not mean it’ll work every time.

3.You Put Your Motives First. This one actually saddens me to hear. As a business or life coach, it is imperative that you focus on what your coaching clients want and need, NOT what you want. Your motives should ONLY be their motives. The second you prioritize what you think is important versus what your coaching client thinks is important, you have failed tremendously. Their needs always come before your needs (This goes for any relationship you want to last).

4.It’s Not About Motivation. Just because you are able to get people fired up, doesn’t mean you’re a great coach. In fact the mere definition of motivate is to give someone a motive to do something. That does not mean they’ll actually do it. Most any coach can give great strategies. The difference in going from good to great in coaching is getting your clients to actually take action.

5.Jack of All Trades, Not a Master of One. This one is a real doozy. The coach who is pretty good a lot of different things and is so excited to share their knowledge with their clients, yet fails miserably to differentiate themselves because they are, frankly, a dime a dozen. (Lifespan Trust focus on Stress, Mood, and Sleep)

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