About Us

Brian McKeown

Company Manager and Life Coach

Married with four adult children. Have been with my wife for 50 years

With over 20 years experience in personal development, mood consultant and relationship coach

This is what spins my wheels let me show you what spins yours

Creativity, ingenuity, and originality 

Zest, enthusiasm, and energy

Curiosity and interest in the world

Capacity to love and be loved

Humor and playfulness                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Monique Chasteau

Masters Degree in Counselling (member of NZ association of counsellors)                                                                                                 

Masters Degree in Fine Arts

Certificate in EEG Biofeedback (applicant to Biofeedback International Alliance)

Certificate in QEEG Analysis

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (registered teacher)

Sleep Consultant

Monique has been a long time practitioner of meditation

and yoga and believes strongly in human creative potential                              


Monique was trained to practice neurofeedback and biofeedback in Australia with EEG Education and Training and continues to be an affiliate of the organisation, receiving ongoing training and professional supervision. She is also a member of the Biofeedback Association of New Zealand.

Monique has worked as an educator and counselor for over 20 years. She has been a teacher of young people with intellectual disabilities and psychiatric issues and a high school teacher of visual arts. She has also taught a variety of courses in the community combining art and personal growth.

Monique comments “The Brainwise vision is of an approach to well being that integrates the safety and precision of scientific research with the passion and imagination of the arts and philosophy”.


John Bryant

Psychotherapy and Counselling 

MHSC Health Sciences (Psychotherapy),

Diploma Psychotherapy

Cert. Advanced Clinical Supervision.

John offers brief and long-term therapy and counselling to individuals and couples who seek to develop improved

emotional stability, better relationships and internal

wellbeing. He specialises in relationship issues.

Experience: John has practiced psychotherapy and

counselling for over twenty years. This includes private

practice, teaching and clinical supervision. He also runs

groups for people who have stress and anger problems. John is a court approved anger management facilitator and trainer.

Approach: John draws on both his own life experience and his professional training to work with individuals and couples with relationship problems, addictions and mood problems such as depression, anxiety and stress. He is experienced at helping those with recurrent patterns of grief, shame, hurt and anger. John is informed by a blend of psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, theories of brain science and self-awareness training all sensitively tailored to the person’s specific needs.



“Keep trying because you have no idea how close you are to winning.”

“When you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.”

“Even the biggest failure beats the hell out of not trying.”


One of the favorite sayings from my clients is that “I have tried everything” No you have only tried everything you know. There is a huge pool of knowledge out there that is thousands of times bigger than what you have been swimming in.

You have no idea on how much you do not know.


What Makes Us Special?

We have spent the last 20+ years (Thousands of hours) researching, studying and learning about what makes us/you tick.

We have experienced all levels on the Mood Spectrum so we know what it feels like

No one including medical practitioners knows what it feels like unless they have lived it.

We Know What it Feels Like to be Well.

Our gift to you is the thousands and thousands of hours that we have spent researching and sorting testing and experimenting with the latest medical, scientific, natural remedies and solutions to bring you only what we think, and have found, to be the best, and those that we have found to work.

How We Do What We Do?

Small groups, corporate groups and online is how we do it. Sign up now!!

First we identify the changes you want, and then we find out how much you want these changes. We give you some tools to make these changes. We find you a buddy that you will love to work with you or support you (Part of our secret). We stand by you.

We suggest and help you create new habits or behaviors over a relatively long time. Once these habits and behaviors are created and installed in your everyday lives they are very hard to break as you are well aware from your present situation.

We can change people’s lives from what are sometimes debilitating and widespread social problems.

Our priority is to have happy satisfied customers, our guarantee means we are more effective in what we do than most others.


Our Programs

All our programs are carried out in strictest confidence


Personal programs

You identify, with our help, what you would like to work on and achieve

“What do you want most in life?”


One on one

Group workshops

Biofeedback & neurofeedback


We specialize in




Brain regulation


We guarantee our work from our qualified expert team


Corporate Programs

Peak Performance and Well-being

Companies are now being held responsible for the mental well-being of their staff

Whatever you think about this we have set up a company to help monitor this for you.

Did you know that probably at least one third of your staff will be suffering from poor sleep.

“Serious sleep problems cause significant difficulties with day time functioning and may be impacting on general physical and mental health.”

Did you know that probably up to one third of your staff will be suffering from low mood or depression and it’s not really a question you can ask in an interview?

We are here to help


Please email or call us to discuss your personal or corporate needs M: +64 210 262 555